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Included in Brookings Institution’s November 2022 report “Digital Tools For Real-Time Data Collection In Education”.

One of three digital platforms in the report which


Content delivery

Real-time data collection

Data analysis and visualisation

And features:

A multiOS platform

Non-reliance on connectivity and electricity

Usable across geographies and contexts

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A Mobile App

Featuring Rangeet's proprietary Social Emotional & Ecological Knowledge (SEEK)© curriculum and teaching resources which develop a breadth of skills using active pedagogies.

Any curriculum authored or loaded in the Rangeet Web App, can be taught using the mobile app or exported to other teaching platforms using standard protocols like HTML5 or PDF.

Facilitators teach, collect and submit data.

Designed to work with limited connectivity and electricity.

In-app user training addresses low digital literacy.

A Web App

Contains authoring tools for educators to create multimedia teaching materials.

Customised tests and feedback forms allow for any curriculum and teaching resources to be monitored and measured.

Data can range from studying student demographics to collecting formative/summative data to monitor and measure the progress of a program.

Data visualisation and evaluation tools for administrators to manage implementations and monitor impact, informing timely decisions and adaptations.

The platform can be used in two ways: TO SEARCH OR TEACH.


Every activity can be tagged using keywords. This makes each activity searchable across multiple dimensions.


The search function serves as a resource for facilitators to find activities that:

Develop a breadth of skills that children need to thrive

Teach core subjects in a play-based manner

Help solve issues that children face in and out of the classroom


Tags can be customised to make curriculums searchable across multiple dimensions.

In summary, facilitators can combine different keywords to find activities to foster the outcomes they seek, making their classrooms come to life!

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If it’s a codified teaching plan you are looking for to develop a breadth of skills using active pedagogies - SEEK is for you!

Facilitators can follow systematic lesson plans with detailed teaching instructions.

Designed to be adopted in a flexible manner to accommodate the needs of different schools, schedules and workloads.

The SEEK curriculum becomes a ‘Subject.’

Talk to us about digitising your own curriculum.


Primary Beneficiaries:

All children (in and out of school; rural, urban, marginalised, girls, disabled) can develop a breadth of skills.

Secondary Beneficiaries:

Facilitators (educators, support volunteers, caregivers): 100% of facilitators reported an improvement in their pedagogical skills, social-emotional competencies and agency.

Schools/administrators: allows curation of lessons according to context. The platform easily tracks and reports progress. Schools and community centres observe greater attendance on days Rangeet is taught.

NGOs and Community Members: can take ownership of bettering their communities by sharing the teaching-learning burden with schools, tackling systemic/local issues.


Donors: can create measurable, demonstrable impact. The platform tracks and reports progress easily and in a timely manner to donors.

Collaborative for Academic, Social & Emotional Learning (CASEL), Lego Foundation and Brookings Institution research states a breadth of skills, including social emotional and advanced cognitive skills, and play help bridge gaps in educational inequalities. Social-emotional interventions have the long-term effect of producing more compassionate, happy, calm, less aggressive adults leading to greater academic & job success, regardless of gender, race, religion, language, socioeconomic or geographical background.


A Rangeet subscription can be purchased from inside the Rangeet app after creating an account.

Yes, the Rangeet app is available on the App Store and the Play Store

There is a limited use version to view the curriculum. The desktop version does not allow facilitators to submit data.

Rangeet can be used by teachers, parents and community members!

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an urgent call for action by all UN member states to end poverty and other hardships through improving health and education, reducing inequality and spurring economic growth, all whilst tackling climate change.

Currently Rangeet is available in English, Hindi, Bengali, Bangla and Marathi (limited).

Progress reports can be viewed via Rangeet’s Web App.

No, only a facilitator needs a subscription to teach Rangeet which costs USD100 per year.

Yes, every teacher needs their own active subscription to teach Rangeet.

In the free version, you get access to one lesson from each umbrella as well as a fun game to test your empathy levels.

Yes, you can choose whether you want to opt in or out of Monitoring and Evaluation tools at the time of purchasing a subscription.

No, there is no limit to the number of lessons you can teach. Rangeet offers detailed lesson plans that facilitators can choose to follow.

Yes, you can create your own curriculum on our authoring tool in our Web App. Once input the curriculum can be used on the Rangeet platform or exported to HTML5 or pdf formats.



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