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Engage kids (7-12) with playful learning! ️‍The Digital Museum of Learning features Rangeet’s teaching resources on child rights, waste management & ecology.

The Social Life of Trees

The Social Life of Trees – Part One (Story)

Part 1 of a book series, called, ‘The Social Life Of Trees’ which is from our Ecology Umbrella, shines a light on the fact that humans have a lot to learn from trees. Like us, trees live in communities and understand their importance. They cannot thrive without each other. They share resources and put up …

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What Do I Fight For?

What Do I Fight For? (Activity)

This activity is a part of Rangeet’s Self Umbrella which introduces children to a few child activists around the world and the causes they fight or fought for. Children often don’t understand that they are citizens of a country from the day they are born. Most children think that they only become citizens when they …

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The Plastic Lunch Bag (Activity)

The Plastic Lunch Bag (Activity)

With the help of ‘The Plastic Lunch Bag’ activity from Rangeet’s Ecology Umbrella, children will begin to understand what happens to the waste we throw away and the implications on the environment. Materials Needed: Colour printouts of ‘The Plastic Lunch Bag’ activity elements on A4 sheets of paper for each group, this may be accessed …

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