Heal Our Planet (Song Book)


Renowned educator Emily Style discovered that children learn best when their own identities and experiences are reflected in the curricula they are taught, hence, acting as MIRRORS in which they can see themselves.

These same curriculums should also act as WINDOWS to unknown worlds, providing insight into identities and experiences of others. This encourages different viewpoints, thus involving critical thinking and consideration of diversity as a basic premise.

Rangeet’s original songs and books provide children with these windows and mirrors.

Mirrors because they see versions of themselves. Letting them know that they are not alone in their experiences and thoughts.

They meet people who look, speak and have experiences like them.

They can easily identify with these characters because they have been through similar experiences.

But books are also windows. Windows into other worlds, from which children can learn so much.

They meet people who don’t look like them, don’t speak like them and whose experiences are very different from theirs.

This exposes them to experiences and thoughts they might never have had and teaches them to walk in the shoes of others, teaching them empathy.

Stories take us all on wild adventures where we visit foreign lands and meet talking trees. Stories are limitless.

The ‘Heal Our Planet’ song book informs children about the little things they can do in their daily lives to help keep our Earth clean and pollution free.

We need to learn to give more to Earth than take from it.

It’s important to find ways to bring joy to the act of learning. Interested in doing that too? Reach out to info@rangeet.com to work with us!

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