The Problem

800 million children across the world will not have the skills to thrive by 2030. (Brookings Institution).

85% of the global population lives in the Global South. 627 million children across South Asia, of which 400 million are in India (UNICEF), do not have equitable access to education due to various reasons, like climate disasters and socioeconomic or geographical differences.

Every child learns differently and requires a breadth of skills to thrive, including the 6Cs (Brookings Policy 2020, K. Hirsh-Pasek et al): communication, collaboration, content, critical thinking, creative innovation and confidence which help develop better learners, wellbeing, agency and global stewardship.

The Solution

Rangeet is built for large implementations and impact.

We partner with Corporates and NGOs to train and develop the capacity of teachers in government-run schools. We aim to prove the concept via a coalition based approach with the objective of statewide adoption.

A public-private coalition is created:

The government is able to evaluate at no cost.

Corporates spend CSR funds associating themselves with a state-wide program.

An NGO partner implements on the ground, while Rangeet provides app+curriculum+training+support.


The Problem

Education policy bodies and frameworks are placing an emphasis on developing a breadth of skills including the 6Cs and life skills. Low income schools employ outdated rote methods often ignoring learner variability and do not have the resources to offer such programs, struggling to attract and retain students and teachers.

The Solution

Rangeet can help improve attendance, enrollment, retain teachers and improve grades. This is done by:

Satisfying education needs by aligning with national education policies and syllabi.

Developing 21st century skills and raising overall school happiness levels.


Rangeet identifies skills and values prioritised in national education policies and maps our proprietary curriculum to these specific skills and values.


The Problem

Across the Global South, including India, in the public and private sectors there is a dearth of curriculums and teaching resources which measurably prepare children for the future.

The Solution

We are positioned to distribute our research-based, pedagogically-sound, internationally-acclaimed curriculum based on learning science, digitally and physically, direct to all teachers.

There are two ways we can work together:

Access a curriculum based on the latest in International learning science and acclaimed by publishers and researchers from around the world. The curriculum / teaching resources are available on our app which has been listed in a report on the most impactful apps in education by the Brookings Institution, or can be exported to any digital platform using standard protocols like HTML5 or PDF.

Gain access to our open source data.


The Problem

Educators are struggling to build solutions that work; edtech companies are leading with technology rather than trying to solve educational problems in a human-centric way.

The Solution

The Rangeet digital platform is curriculum-agnostic and designed to solve educational problems in a human-centric manner. Educators and NGOs who aim to scale their own programs cost-effectively can use Rangeet as a Service (RaaS) to digitise their own teaching material.

By creating a platform that is modular and flexible, Rangeet is positioned to solve multiple educational challenges fulfilling diverse needs.

We Can Help You:

Digitise your teaching material.

Make it completely trackable and searchable.

Collect data to measure how your curriculum is doing iteratively and in real-time.

Create formative and summative data-gathering and visualisation tools online and offline.


Enabling curriculum developers to digitise and scale their programs in a measurable manner.